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Get more than just a prosthesis

Receive the full support of our staff even after you've had the prosthesis fitted and created.

Benefit from a prosthesis designed just for you

Your prosthesis needs to be both functional and comfortable for it to really work for you.  Getting a generic part just won't cut it.  Come into the Prosthetic Center of Indiana and have your prosthesis fitted to your body.

Ensure your prosthetic limb is perfect with our comprehensive process:

  • Initial evaluation - have all of your questions answered and get an explanation of the process
  • Casting and measurement of the residual limb
  • Test socket fitting - a clear plastic check socket is fitted on the patient and used as a diagnostic tool to see where the pressure is in the socket. It can be adjusted and changes are made to fit 100% perfectly
  • Dynamic Fitting -  the amputee will try on the laminated socket with all the components assembled. The prosthesis will be aligned to optimize the fit and function of the limb.
  • Follow-up appointment - check the alignment again, and adjust as needed to optimize function. Any more questions will be addressed and answered.


Technique | Bloomington, IN | Prosthetic Center Of Indiana | 812-332-5347

Reap the benefits that come from getting your prosthetic limb from an ABC certified prosthetist.


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